Book Name690001
Lydia Schaffen and the Fletcher690002
Silver of Fedimian690003
Lydia Schaffen Crossroads690004
The Notch of Lydia Schaffen690005
Lydia Schaffen and Rumpelstiltskin690006
Atman Extension690007
Kadumel era armor690008
The Gambler of Klaipeda690009
Torn Diary (Part 1)690010
Torn Diary (Part 2)690011
Torn Diary (Part 3)690012
Torn Diary (Part 4)690013
The Diary of an Unknown Adventurer690014
Reply of Beikeol690015
Purchase Order690016
Baron Secretary Andol's Journal690017
The Crumbling Document690018
The Letter that is Ripping into Pieces690019
Pilgrim's Memo690020
Ripped Diary690021
The Last Record690022
Blackened Clue690024
The Abandoned Diary690025
The Diary that was Written in Anger690026
The Diary of Baron Soldier, Chagos690027
The Order to Defeat the Demons690028
The Order to Move Out690029
The Grass of King Zachariel690030
Warning Sign for Unauthorized Entrants690031
Wrinkled Letter690032
The Complete Research Materials of Varkis690033
The Inheritance of the Master690034
Roxona Civil War Chapter 1690035
Roxona Civil War Chapter 2690036