Quest item

Crystal Mine Unsealing Scroll 1650041
Crystal Mine Unsealing Scroll 2650051
Bokor Doll650065
Pyromancer's Old Scroll650068
Messenger Bag650069
Remains of a Soldier650070
Discolored Grass650072
Creepy Wood Bark650073
Blakk's Report650094
York's Periodic Report650095
Vubbe Raider Pouch650096
Shawlem's Loot Box650097
Supplies Looted by Vubbes650098
Vubbe Bow650099
Moody's Supplementary Report650100
Piece of Wing650103
Piece of Wing650109
Crystal Sphere650122
Vubbe Serum650124
Vubbe Serum650144
Native Soldier's Key650145
King Tomb 2nd Floor Lever650146
Part of the Slab (1)650147
Part of the Slab (2)650148
Stonemason Pipoti's Treasure Map650234
Varkis' Research Material (1)650235
Boulder to be carved into a Memorial Stone650236
Stonemason Tool Kit650237
Pipoti's Memorial Stone650238
Cube of Searching650239
Old Pillar Sculpture650240
Stone Pillar's Surface Powder650241
Small Stone Piece650242
Scroll of Space Distortion650243
Great King's Key650244
Glizardon Leather650245
Galok Canine650246
Black Egnome Powder650247
Ellum's Sticky Sap650248
Desmodus' Tail Pin650249
Sticky Potion650250
Corylus' Core650251
Blood of Galok650252
Sapper Master's Hidden Goods650253
Tough Glizardon Leather650254
Boulder for Construction650255
Hunter Master's Pouch650256
Blue Crystal650257
Pot of Fire650258
Goods for Offering650259
Priest Master's Holy Water of Purification650260
Horn of Glee piglets650261
Galok Fur650262
Egnome Fragment650263
Data Recording Scroll650264
Holy Water of Cleric Master650265
Holy Water of Priest Master650266
Holy Water of Krivis Master650267
Minotaur's Essence650269
Chapparition's Essence650270
Strange Map650271
Cloth Piece with a Peculiar Scent650272
Burnable Juice of Tonturia650273
Sapper Master's Experimental Bomb650274
Cloth Piece with Needlepoint650275
Box of Food for Stray Cat650276
Sun Essence650277
Varb Hard Shell650278
Zinutekases Strong Horn650279
Phyracon Fragment650280
Green Drake Scale650281
Data Recording Scroll650282
Dowsing L-Rod650283
Sickening Lump650297
Dry Twig from Thorn Forest650298
Monster Specimen650299
Commander Julian's Order650301
Mersium Sample650302
Merlog Sample650303
Mersumma Thorn650304
Thronball Thorn650305
Cyst leaves650306
Infroholder Horn650307
Sunset Flag Forest Reconnaissance Report650308
Water Bottle hidden by the Supply Officer650309
Kepa Raider Sap650310
Cronewt Leather650311
Statue Wing Fragment650312
Statue Pedestal650313
Statue Leg Fragment650314
Golden Piece650316
Research Aid Supplies650317
Canyon Metos650318
Royal Mausoleum Research Report650319
Torn Research Record650320
Jonas' Record650322
Piece of Record on Mysterious Pattern (2)650323
Medicine for Jonas650324
Absorption Circle Scroll650351
Crystal Mine Purification Crystal650352
Explosive to open up a Secret Passage650355
Woodman Fragment650356
Scatt's Report650357
Scroll of Soul Collection650358
Spirit of the Red Vubbe Shooter650359
Upper Piece of Statue650368
Lower Piece of Statue650369
Statue Pedestal650370
Wheat Box650374
Dumbleball Pouch650375
Dumbleball Pouch650376
Star Tower Lens650377
Bat Poison Sample650378
Stone with Strange Engraving650379
Hogma Amulet650380
Lindt's Supplies.650388
Canyon Apynys650389
Spiritual Stone650392
Relic Fragment650393
Shining Gold Article650397
Loose Package650399
Bushobell's Bundle650400
Soldier's Luggage650405
Piece of Vubbe Cloth650407
Weaver Claw650408
Relief Goods650409
Reinforcement Stone650410
Stinging Stick650411
Piece of Wood with Holy Spirit650414
The Essence of Spirits650415
Spirit Essence650416
Blue Soul Stone650417
Blue Soul Stone650417
Red Soul Stone650418
Red Soul Stone650418
Evil Soul Stone650420
Evil Soul Stone650420
A sign of the Spirit-Leading Owl650421
A sign of the Spirit-Leading Owl650421
Spiritual Stick650422
Meduja Larva650423
Lost Luggage650424
Torn Spell Scroll650425
Copy of the Pilgrim Monument650426
Burned Branch650427
Burned Branch650427
Cursed Stick650428
The belongings of the soldiers650429
Butterfly Scent650430
The leaves of Ridimedis650431
The roots of Sakmolis650432
Purified Urn650433
Completed Monster Bait650434
Test Bait650435
Legs of Solid Wood650436
Rusting Skin650437
The leaves of Elloms650438
Dead Soldier's Body650439
Supply Bag650442
Supply Bag650442
Puragi's Hook650443
Nagging Owl's Soul650444
A bloodstained page from a report.650445
Haming Stem650446
Tini Fluid650447
Smelly Herbicide650448
Reinforcements Request650449
Training Certificates650450
Plantain Grass650451
Tini Meat650452
Empty Potion Bottle650453
Beetle's Shell650454
Soul Remains650455
Sacred Force Sculpture650456
Gateway Key650457
Imbued Magi Pouch650460
Imbued Magi Pouch650460
Criby Relic650461
Stone Orca Heart650463
Torn Bat Wings650464
Green Ointment650465
Royal Mausoleum Guardian Power Source650467
Royal Mausoleum Magic Source650468
Broken Slate of the Royal Mausoleum650469
Burning Stone650470
Active Stone650471
Blazing Magic Source650472
Wheelen Mark650473
Brother's Diary650474
Cockatrice Fat650475
Highly Enriched Cockatrice Fat.650476
Hallowventer Charcoal650477
Strong Magical Power Absorption Jar650478
Dust Sample650479
Big Cockatrice Tail650480
Grita's Absorbing Gem650481
Unseal Scroll650483
Canyon Bomb Flower650484
Oil-Stained Fuse650485
Flame Source650486
Flame Searching Stick650487
Pino Catching Sack.650494
Research Material650495
Pino in a Sack650497
Dry Twigs650499
Hard Lime650500
Newly-Made Knockoff Goods650501
Building Piece650502
Bag of Graverobbing Tools650503
Loot Bag650504
Archaeologist Token650505
Monster Poison650506
Valley Bomb (Disposable)650508
Canyon Bomb650509
Monster Head650510
Monster Head650510
Monster Trunk650511
Monster Trunk650511
Monster Hand650512
Lizardman Blood650513
Soul Jar650514
The 1st Symbol of Trial of the Great King650515
The 2nd Symbol of Trial of the Great King650516
The 3rd Symbol of Trial of the Great King650517
The 3rd Symbol of Trial of the Great King650518
The 4th Symbol of Trial of the Great King650519
Chipped Sword650520
Corpse Relics650521
Sword Piece650522
Strong Flying Frog Leather.650524
Mose Diesel's Letter650525
Mose Diesel's Crutches650526
Shining Tree Sap650527
Collected Canyon Amalas650528
Seal Release Crystal650530
Lost Research Document650531
A map that marked the location of the Great King's inheritance.650532
Condensed Magical Resource650535
Hogma Tooth650536
Infrobirk Meat650539
Stubby Tree Trunk650540
Remains of Treearmbloow650541
Broken Tombstone Fragment650542
Piece of Lydia Schaffen's Broken Tombstone650543
Restored Tombstone of Lydia Schaffen650544
Destroyed Tombstone Fragment650545
Village People's Luggage650546
Black Coal Powder650547
Eternal Ember650548
Piece of the Holy Ark650549
Small Monster Crystal650550
Voice of Sealed Stone650551
Crystal of Restriction650552
Variation Mediator650553
Hardened Black Crystal650554
Flame Charm650555
Silver Dye for Magical Tattoo650556
Cordelier's Parchment650557
Red Infrorocktor Core650558
Flame Crystal650559
Pondel Soul Crystal650562
Pondel Soul Crystal650562
Pond Mind Crystal650563
Pond Mind Crystal650563
Follower's Memo650564
Acidic Solution650566
Magic Crystal650567
Thornball Remains650568
Velwriggler's Claw650569
Horrible-Smelling Body Fluid650570
Adele's Ring650571
Truffle's Poisonous Mushroom650572
Acidic Solution650573
Operer's Stinger650574
Refined Spell Crystal650575
Cauliflower Sap650576
Power Crystal650578
Magical Enchantment Crystal650579
Operation Map650580
Thorn Pollen650581
Lever Handle Latch650582
Plateau Sugar Beets650584
Cable Car Parts650585
Thorn Pollen Stimulant650586
Blue Fragaras Petal650587
Ritualistic Rope650588
Enchanted Mane650589
Divine Sphere650590
Divine Sphere650591
Divine Sphere650592
Purification Voodoo Doll Summon Scroll650593
Counterfeit Goods650595
Divine Crystal650600
Broken Altar Piece650601
Lesser Potion of Light650602
Lesser Bead of the Divine Spirit650603
Revelator's Proof650604
Crest of Space650605
Matsum's Flower Stamen650606
Enhanced Thorn Flower Stimulant650607
Thorn Flower Fluid650608
Varb Hard Shell650609
Zinutekases Tail Fragments650610
Boowook Activiation Core650611
Dew Recepticle650612
Flimsy Charm650613
Full Spirit Pot650614
Black Maize Poison650615
Paralysis Powder650616
White Oak Essence650617
Adhesive Coating650618
Paladin Scroll650619
Divine Sphere650620
Divine Sphere650621
Divine Sphere650622
Shrine Offering Tools650623
Confinement Key650624
Nikotia Herbs650625
Goddess Offering Pocket650626
Boss Decision650628
Firm Oil650629
Peltasta Shield650630
Dock Permit650631
Navigator's Chart650632
Whetstone Bag650634
Whetstone Bag650634
Moya Body Fluid Sample650635
Intermediate Arrow Sample650636
Whistling Wood650637
Fisherman's Fishing Rod650638
Simple Tube650639
Synthetic Poison650640
Phalanx Tactics650641
Stone Rubbing650643
Heavily Cursed Jewel650644
Mostem Fire Jar650645
Blue Pondel Bone650646
Black Pond Entrails650647
Harpeia Beak650648
Smoke Grenade650649
Orb of Provocation650650
Orb of Provocation650650
Sapper Master's Introduction Letter650652
Highlander Master's Proof650653
Tanu's Purification Stone650654
Skill Item650655
Gorge Metos Sap650656
Archive Relic650657
Memorial Rubbings650658
Torn Letter650659
Zubeck's Secret Moves650660
Jewel of Prominence650661
Languid Herb650662
Strongly Scented Soul Flower650663
Useful Bomb650664
Languid Herb Bomb650665
Sparnas Bait650666
Simple Supplies650667
Scot's First Report650668
Supply Pouch650669
Ducky Fat650670
Death Marker650672
Money Bag650674
Messenger's Note650675
Ancient Writings650676
Wizard's Torn Page650677
Mark of a Pilgrim650678
Cathedral Marble Parts650679
Cathedral Marble Parts650679
Storyteller's Book650680
Secret Box Key650681
Simple Item650682
Practice Wood Carving Scraps650683
Intermediate Item_1650684
Intermediate Item_2650685
Fixed Practice Wood Carving650686
Hardened Tree Log650687
Memory Fragment650689
Divine Sphere650690
Divine Sphere650691
Huge Fang650692
Natural Agate Stone650693
Flammable Stone650694
Flammable Stone650694
Legwyn Family Decoration650695
Wildflower Stamen650696
Wildflower Stamen650696
Holy Relic650697
Stone Whale Essence650698
Stone Whale Essence650698
Dense Hardwood650699
Sharp Canine650700
Lost Indulgence Offering650701
Mali Seeds650702
Destroyer Shaman Doll Summon Scroll650703
Destroyed Piece of Barrier650704
Mallardu Fat650705
Combustible Fat650706
Spiritually Enchanted Sap650707
Insect Secretion650708
Old Talisman650709
Revelation of Crystal Mine650710
Eye of Madness650711
Vicious Essence650712
Purified Essence650713
Romuva Holy Water650714
Holy Bomb650715
Holy Stone650716
Guard's Scroll650717
Shabby-Looking Necklace650718
Small Demon's Skirt Hem650719
Pawnd's Soul650720
Pawndel Soul650721
Corylus' Soul650722
Long Rope650724
Demon Transform Scroll650725
Light Crystal650726
Muddy Necklace650727
Vubbe's Wooden Arrow650728
Short Tree Branch650730
Crude Divining Rod650731
Dusty Ruin Rubble650732
Stumpy Tree Sap650733
Sap Collector650734
First Tombstone Fragment650735
Second Tombstone Fragment650736
Carbonized Tombstone Fragment650737
Fourth Tombstone Fragment650738
Ruin Rubble650739
Restored Tombstone Frgment650740
Mysterious Slate650741
Revelation of Tenet Chapel650742
Tombstone Fragment Package650743
Ruklys Memorial Piece650744
First Rubbing650745
Second Rubbing650746
Third Rubbing650747
Fourth Rubbing650748
Fifth Rubbing650749
Arrow Bundle650750
Experimental Ingredients650751
Lizardman Mind Control Stone650753
Infrobuck Mind Control Stone650754
Rubbing Tool650755
Fire Hardened Arrowhead650756
Long Arm Tree Charcoal650757
Soi Bomb650758
Revelation of Kvailas Forest650759
Guardian Awakening Device650760
Zolem Magic Stone650761
Unicorn Horn650762
Empty Beehive650763
Cork Stopper650764
Brewing Tools650765
Royal Jelly650766
Rambear Claws650767
Petrified Stolen Goods650768
Cryptically Engraved Bottle650769
Very Old Map650770
Scent Stone Powder650771
Lump of Kepo Meat650772
Young Leaf650773
Soft Wooden Periderm650774
Small Music Box650775
Kepari Flesh650776
Asellu Leaf Bud650777
Food Scraps650778
Tree Root Crystal Core650779
Soul Reagent650780
Unnamed Flower650781
Pilgrim's Lost Scripture Page650783
Pilgrim's Scripture650784
Condensed Anger650785
Forest of Prayer Sanctuary Map650786
Holy Water650787
Grey Gypsum Fragment650788
Reed Leaf Dew650789
Sign of Naktis650790
Clear Water650791
Leather Pouch650792
Reed Flower650793
Scrap Iron650795
Tombstone Dew650795
Reed Sap Crystal650798
Small Portrait650799
Mother's Handkerchief650800
Succubus Eyes650803
Pattern Stone (High)650804
Pattern Stone (Medium)650805
Pattern Stone (Low)650806
Sweet Honeycomb Fragment650807
Vaciu Altar Magic Stone Fragment650808
Beehive Fragment650809
Spirit Essence650810
Complete Scriptures650811
Scriptures of the Soul650812
Relic of Mercy650813
Relic of Salvation650814
Mayburn's First key650815
Bag of Farming Tools650816
Bee Tree Branch650817
Ashes of Incinerated Demon650818
Beads of Residue650819
Tended Wood650820
Farmland Wood650821
Condensed Cursed Energy650822
Petrified the advanced team's relics650823
Revelation of Royal Mausoleum650824
Revelation of Kvailas Forest650825
Rubbing Tool for Petrified Objects650826
Time Magnifier650827
Fragmented Symbol of Austeza650829
Revelation of Kvailas Forest650830
Symbol of Austeza650831
Dulke's Item Package650832
Bee Honey Jelly650833
Spring Flower650834
Maven's Second Key650835
Maven's Third Key650836
Maven's Fourth Key650837
Maven's Fifth Key650838
Symbol of Spiritual Power650839
Turbid Solvent650840
Daram's Newly Developed Drug650841
Moon Thistle650842
Experimental Medicine650843
Drugged Meat650844
Demonic Research, Transformation650846
Cloth Scrap of Naktis's Servant650847
Demon Transform Scroll650848
Old Key650849
Sacrificial Lean Monster Meat650850
Cleric Master's Symbol of Faith650851
Tough Leather650852
Tough Leather Pouch650853
Water-Filled Leather Pouch650854
Old Key650855
Revelation of the Cathedral650856
Revelation of Mage Tower653041
Demon Master of Curses, Naktis660000
Pilgrim Dalas' Corpse660001
Cough Medicine660002
Soldiers' Relics660003
Darkness Crystal660004
Elixir of Release660005
Petrification Thawing Liquid660006
Petrified Sample660007
Ruklys Era Record660008
Scroll of Silence660009
Jewel of Prominence661000
Jewel of Prominence661001
Mine Compass661002
Purifier Cooling Parts661003
Purifier Operating Parts661004
Purifier Pipe Parts661005
Passage Purifier Parts661006
Selection Item661007
Mine Lubricant661008
Torn-out Purifier Pipe661009
Main Purifier Parts661010
Fragment of Gaudegi Altar Magic Stone661011
Dorzen's Masterpice661012
Black nails of Glizardons661013
Fresh Meat661016
A orbe that holds the aura661017
A orbe that holds the aura661018
Wisdom Guiding Stone661019
A truth eye Fragment661020
Truth Eyes661021
Soul Crystal661022
The Memo of Disciple Hones661023
Contract Space Magic Stone661024
The spatial demonic stone of the contract661025
The spatial demonic stone of the contract661026
The spatial demonic stone of the sacrifice661027
Completed spatial demonic stone661028
Kupole Vita's purification powder661029
Remains tied to the contract661030
Brooch with Ballyus' magic661031
A seal can suppress the evil spirits661032
Velheider Voucher661033
Hawk Voucher661034
Broken Legwyn Seal Fragment661035
Great Pirate Vladslovas's Broken Necklace661036
Kingdom Army's Torn Flag661037
An orbe save the last memory Orb661038
Relics can strongly feel the regret661039
Rogue Master's Prepared Present661040
Arrow of the first Fletcher Master661041
Food Pouch661042
Monk Master's Support Supplies661043
Pardoner Master's Books661044
Plant Monster Sample661045
Romuva Purification661046
Leather Front Plate662000
Leafy Shoulder662001
Leather Back Plate662002
Leather Chest Protector662003
Strong Roots662004
Kepa Teeth662005
Kepa Teeth662005
Jukopus Leather662006
Vubbe Thief Leather662007
Test Soul Reagent662011
Cold Monster Fluid662012
Teopilis's Bag662013
Picture Fragment662014
Empty frame662015
Warp Scroll662016
Strong Rope662017
Scorpio Venom662019
Sweet Herb662020
Nutritious Tonic662021
Hastily Prepared Bread662022
Rotten Bread662023
Fresh Bread662024
Well-Grown White Radish662025
Roughly Chopped Wood662026
Magic Doll662027
First Empty bottle662028
A bottle filled with a monster's energy662029
Ellum's Evil Aura662030
Ellum's Evil Aura662031
Ellum's Evil Aura662032
Keposid's Evil Energy662033
Keposid's Evil Energy662034
Keposid's Evil Energy662035
Second Empty Bottle662037
Opaque Refining Solution662038
Small Stone Statue's Head662039
Small Stone Statue's Upper Body662040
Small Stone Statue's Lower Body662041
Small Stone Statue's Wing662042
Blunt Wooden Piece662043
Wooden Rod Piece662044
Wooden Hammer662045
Sticky Sap662046
Grain Pouch662047
Bitter Drink662048
Wooden Rod662049
Soft Leather662050
Throw Gu Pot662051
Full Poison Jar662052
An handwritten recommendation from Horacius662058
Uprooted Leiole662059
Fresh Meat662060
Thoroughly Dried Jerky662061
Magical Stone of Blessing662062
Seed Bag662063
Lump of Meat662064
The compact under joint signatures662065
Small Goddess Statue662066
Orange Dandel Wingpiece662067
Varkis' Research Material (2)662068
Varkis' Research Material (3)662069
Varkis' Research Material (4)662070
Vakis's research (5)662071
Wizard's Urn662072
Experimental Reagent662073
Dry Firewood662074
Loot Bag662075
Monster Leather Paper662076
Red Poison Bottle662077
Acidic Body Fluid662078
Paralysis Needle662080
Stiff Hair662081
Rough Brush662082
Kraut Grass Extract662083
Bone Powder662084
Special Ink662085
Stone Rubbing662086
Stone Rubbing662087
Stone Rubbing662088
Stone Rubbing662089
Important Tombstone Rubbing662090
Flat Stone662091
Wooden Stick662092
Crude Shovel662093
Transposed Small Inscription662094
Transposed Small Inscription662095
Transposed Small Inscription662096
Tombstone Fragment662097
Hunting Basket662098
Sticky Resin662099
Dry Bush662100
Gooey Oil662101
Gooey Oil662101
The records of Eitbaras662102
Bone Fragment662103
Metal Plate662104
Rusty Metal Plate662105
Magnet on a Rope662106
Hallowventor Magician Inner Core662107
Rust Powder662108
Bubbling Liquid662109
Metal Plate662110
Rust Remover662111
Metal Plate662112
Strangly Energized Stone662114
Detection Rod662115
Metal Plate662116
The Research Records of Demetrius662117
Alwida's Research Results662118
Copy of the Nuorodin Falls Prophecy662121
Rubbing Tool Pouch662122
Ink Fixative662123
Petrification Detector Parts662124
Poisonous Plant662126
Barrier Stone Core 662127
Petrified Cargo Powder662129
Barrier Stone Core 2662130
Shetrigailla's Orb662132
The belongings of the soldiers 2662133
Shetrigailla's Orb662135
The belongings of the soldiers662136
Mysteriously Light Emanating Crystal662137
Glowing Oil662138
Luminous Moss662139
Viscous Liquid662140
First Pillar Piece662141
Second Pillar Piece662142
Third Pillar Piece662143
Fourth Pillar Piece662144
Weathered Stone662145
Refined Stone Materials662146
Flammable Powder662147
Pieces of Leather662148
Nestos' Holy Water662149
Bulletin Board662150
Kedoran Merchant Alliance Scroll662151
Goddess' Censer662152
Damp Piece of Paper662153
Glass Bottle with Ink662155
Kedoran Merchant Alliance Educational Material662156
Fresh Blood662158
Stone 2662159
Lime Powder662160
Orsha's Special Chisel662162
Kepari Inner Shell662163
Short Leather String662164
Anvil for Tanning662165
Lump of Sturdy Strings for Bookbinding662166
Nestos' Sign662167
Comprehensive Research Data662168
Priest's Research663000
Dumaro's Hind Leg663001
Soldiers' Relics663002
Miners' Village Food663003
Coarse Bark663004
Priest Yosana's Research663005
Priest Roana's Research663006
Priest Prozit's Research663007
Scriptural Relic663008
Orb of Divine Detection663009
Colifly Wing663010
Ropetelem Core663011
Cathedral Goods663012
Cathedral Goods663012
Priest Yosana's Research Data663013
Scroll of Purification663014
Graceful Relic663015
Monster Specimen663016
Monster Specimen663016
The orb of the curse663017
Mysterious Dagger663019
Pink Chupaluka Fur663021
Black Ridimed Sap663022
Tough Vermilion Sharkmolly Stem663023
Pink Chupaluka Heart663024
Research Data663025
Magic Circle Inscribed Leather663027
Medicine the Hunter Master gave you663028
Ridimed Leaf663029
Mysterious Poison663030
Magic Purification Device663032
Small Plant Control Device663033
Antidote Recipes663034
Essence of Black Leadmed663035
Vermilion Sharkmolly Essence663036
Magic Control Crystal Fragment663037
Red Crystal663038
Blue Crystal663039
Charlotte's Special Potion663040
Vaidotas's Special Incense Burner663041
Vaidotas's Special Incense Burner663042
Moa Lump663043
Fisherman Eye663044
Ellom Essence663045
Odd Fish Stringer663046
Spirit Eye663047
Tini Essence663048
Orb of Comfort663049
Full Orb of Comfort663050
Power Crystal663051
Frost Crystal663052
Frozen Soul Fragment663053
Pure Frost Crystal663054
Zubeck's Orb663055
Goddess Austeja's Scripture663056
Explosive Shot663059
Old Unexploded Bomb663060
Bomb Disassembly Toolbox663061
Ruklys Army Seal663062
Kingdom Army Guard's Spear663064
Kingdom Army Guard's Breastplate663065
Wood for Barricades663066
Earth Crystal663068
Certification Ticket663069
Musty-smelling Book663070
Damaged Book663071
Green Infroholder Egg663073
Demon Bones663074
Absorption Orb663075
Restraint Token663076
Owl Sculpture Sack663077
Defensive Trap Part663078
Demon's Blood663079
Power Device663080
Rebel Army Diary, Chapter 1663081
Rebel Army Diary, Chapter 2663082
Rebel Army Diary, Chapter 3663083
Rebel Army Diary, Chapter 4663084
Revelation of Fortress of the Land663086
Monster Fluid663088
Small Leaves Herb663089
Absorption Scroll664000
Proof of Silt664002
Activation Core of petrified detector664003
Stolen Supplies664004
Petrified Cargo Rubbings664005
Monster Stimulant664006
Smelly Supplies664007
Improved Time Bomb664009
Sticky Fluids664010
Processed Bomb664011
Hardened Explosives664012
Royal Army Propaganda664013
Frosty Core664014
Recruitment Notice664015
Blut's Mark664016
Hauberk's Mark664017
Necromantic Orb of Arune664018
Sleeping Hauberk's Seal Fragment664019
Evening Star Key664020
Hauberk's Soul Fragment664021
Evening Star Spectral Sphere664022
Evening Star Rune664023
Sealing Token664024
Hauberk's Seal Fragment664025
Fragment of Nuaele664026
Traces of Transference664027
Traces of Transference664027
Empty Soul664028
Expedition Memento664029
Star Token664030
Dionys Claw664031
Demon Teeth664032
Flask of the King's Voice664034
Reaction Stone664035
Velas Grass664036
Damaged Artifacts664037
Silt Decision664038
Horsepower Catalyst664039
Old Oilsack664040
Red Leaf664042
Flare Trap664043
Locked Box664044
Sealed Envelope664045
Dark Blue Herb664048
Shadow Essence664049
Fragmented Soul Piece664050
Soul Separation Potion664051
Blue Paint664052
Corrupt Tooth664053
Scroll of Death664054
Soul Incense664055
Gum Plant Stems664056
Blessing Crystal664057
Soul Stone of Hauberk664058
Grass Leaf Ointment664059
Red Leaf 2664060
Rampar Mucus664061
Useful Objects664062
Priest Irma's Journal Page664063
Priest Irma's Journal664064
Half-burned Note664065
Urbonas' Diary664066
Monster Stimulant 2664068
Priest Gelija's Memo664069
Jolly's Whistle664070
Leftover Box664071
Corrupted Blood664072
Chaser's Package664073
Red Essence664074
Black Wooden Piece664075
Unidentified Package664076
Unidentified Package 2664077
Restored Orb of Return664078
Twinkling Pearl Powder664079
Pearly Orb664080
Demon Warrant664081
Priest Gelija's Medicine Pouch664082
Holy Water Cloth664083
Lizardman Leather666000
Second Polluted Soil Sample666001
First Polluted Soil Sample666002
Tama Body Fluid666003
A Mysterious Small Box666005
Mirren's Old Bag666006
Rambear Fur666007
Young Grapevine Root666008
Short Tree Root Fragment666010
Stolen Grain Bag666011
Druid's Antidote666012
Obedience Rod666013
Druid's Empty Stone Bowl666014
Druid's Empty Stone Bowl666014
Water-Filled Stone Bowl666015
Veiss Seed Pouch666016
Bloody Necklace666017
Pink Tree Root Mole's Horn666018
Valen's Medicine Bag666019
Wedge Needle666020
Perfect Trap666022
Scripture Sheet666023
Tempas Mushroom666024
Rocktor's Stony Leg666025
Poisonous Chafperor Thorn666026
Concentrated Thorny Tree Stump Poison666027
Spring Water Venom666028
Precipitation Bowl666029
Woodroit Leaf666030
Chebas's Medicinal Herb666031
Empty Beehive666032
Woodroit Essence666033
Liverwort Cap666034
Stonecon Fragment666035
Old Book666036
Seal Stamped Letter666037
Acylado Hydrophyte666038
Monastery Crystal Ball666039
Deodorizing Potion666040
Tilla Monastery Scriptures666041
Assistant Commander Gormen's Given Memo666042
Lepusbunny Assassin Fur666043
Flint 2666044
Message from Mesafasla666045
Siaulav Mage's Emergency Food666046
Plateau Potatoes666047
Usable Bar Fragment666048
Blue Lapasape Spotted Mushroom666049
Horace's Handknife666050
Plateau Tree's Inner Barks666051
Gravekeeper's Matches667000
The spell doll of the grave guard667001
The stone with evil thoughts667002
Gintas' Flint667003
Full Soul Stone667004
Manor Owner List667005
Evil Magic Trace667006
Hidden List (1)667007
Hidden List (2)667008
Hidden List (3)667009
Hidden List (4)667010
Hemostasis Herb667011
Stolen Food by Ferrets667012
Gigantic Fruit Juice667013
Dirty Red Water from the Well667014
Widas's Statue667015
Drowsy Herb667016
Bag of Drowsy Herb Incense667017
Goddess' Orb667018
Empty Scroll667019
Ferret Transformation Scroll667020
Voodooed Wooden Piece667021
Terrible Scent667022
Demon Blood667023
Purification Scroll667024
Great Earth's Flower Seed667025
Great Earth's Flower of Vigor667026
Burning Crystal667027